Gabriele W. Fäustle-Diller (1943, Germany) started her painting studies in 1962 at
the “École de Beaux-Arts” in Geneva, and graduated in 1970 at the Academie der Bildenden Künste in Munich. During her studies she followed classes of classical painting with H. Kaspar and conceptual painting with J. Deyrolles and R. Jochims. Working as an assistant in the Studio for Colourresearch of Prof. Meyer-Speer, she broadened her conscience and understanding for colour that has been one of the major principles of her artworks.
In 1976 she moved to the Netherlands. In her search for new possibilities to apply her passion for colour, she studied 4 years at the Academy for Gold and Silversmiths Schoonhoven, and with goldsmith and designer Frank van Zwicht she specialised in anodizing Titanium.

Work and Exhibitions

Groupexhibition of model drawings at the Stadtmuseum Munich, Germany

1964 – 1970
Member of the first ‘Installation Urbaine’-movement of conceptual art in Geneva, Switzerland.

1968 – 1982
Series of oilpaintings ‘Gardens of Paradise’, in which the development of visualisation and imagination techniques were paramount.

1982 – 1992
Several series of paintings experimenting with light, structure and rythm using tempera and natural pigments from the Mediterranean and grinded gems. Specialisation in techniques and mediums of the ancient masters.

1990 – 1998
Series of tempera paintings ‘Greek Mythology’.

1993 – 2000
Teaching summer courses for painting and drawing in Tuscany and Lake Garda (Italy). Organising art excursion to Germany, Italy and within the Netherlands.

1996 – 1997
Collaboration with light artist Judi Gor, development of spatial projects and light designs.

1997 – today
Teacher and developer painting course ‘With eyes, pencil and brush’ including numerous guided excursions to museums and landscape studies.

Exhibition of series ‘Greek Mythology’ in Soest, Netherlands.

2000 – today
Teacher Open University Baarn, Netherlands.

Exhibition Galery ‘Studio Creatuur’ in Baarn, Netherlands.
Exhibition Kunstkijkroute.

Study trip to Indonesia.

2003 – today
Painting series ‘Coloursounds’, transforming music into colour.

Exhibition Kunstkijkroute

Exhibition in Baarn, Diepenheim (NL) and Czech Republic.