Gabriele W. Fäustle-Diller has been fascinated by fantasy, music, colour, form and philosophy for as long as she can remember.

As an artist Gabriele challenges the refined borders between figurative and abstract art.
In this process, the research of the substantial reality of music and fine arts, concentration, imagination, visualisation and nature studies are the fundamental idea to reach new ways of perception.

The results are colourful pieces with deeper layers of meaning which inspire and vitalise, and take the observer on a fascinating journey through a world of movement and peace.

For Gabriele Fäustle-Diller colour is spirit come visible in all its numerous variations of
depth, spaciousness, energy, power, beauty and joy. Over the past years, music has taken over the place of nature as her biggest source of inspiration. Since 2002 Gabriele has been working on a cycle of paintings (acrylics on canvas, wood, and paper glued on wood) exploring the exciting energetic and spatial similarities between colour and music and transforming sound into visuals. Pieces of classical composers like Brahms, Mozart, Schubert and Bach are being used as well as composers of the 20th century like Szymanowski, Reuland and Mochizuki.

Gabriele’s voyage in playing with colour, shape and energy has also lead to creating objects of anodized titanium which can be worn as jewellery. After anodizing the titanium, she beautifully decorates it with silver, gold and gems, at which she takes care that the finishing of the back and front is equally aesthetic.